Game Theory 2018 Videos

In 2017-2018 the module saw an introduction of two main innovations. First, dynamic interactive component was used to better explain game-theoretic models to students. At the beginning of each lecture, a game was presented to students and students were invited to play the game using a digital voting platform. The students were able to see the game outcome immediately after they provided their votes. Then a theoretical prediction for the game was displayed followed by a discussion of how game results obtained in class were different from those predicted. This allowed the students to experience each type of the game discussed during the module and gain a better understanding of the concepts presented in the module.

Second, an element of co-creation was incorporated into the module. One of the assessments was replaced by a creative and practice-oriented task. To explain the practical value of the module to the students, each of them was asked to pick any practical problem from the real world, then they were asked to convert the problem into a game, solve the game, and explain practical lessons they learned from the solution. The videos were limited to 3 minutes each. As an alternative, students were offered to submit an essay. The video assignment was extremely popular with students, over 150 of whom have submitted videos instead of essays. This assignment was not only educational but also led to an increase in student overall satisfaction with the module. The students had an opportunity through this assignment to participate in the module content creation.


This module has won the Digital Innovation Award this year. For more detail on this award, see here.

Here is a selection of amazing videos which my brilliant students produced as a part of this module:


Gerald Aryeequaye

Mary Barton

Joshua Bray

Holly Campbell

Robert Clark

Maurycy Cytarzynski

Mateline Moore

Dan Tolley

Benjamin Winrow

Michael Wood

Xiaoting Zhao