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Data Driven Chat: AI Will See You Now: AI Bias in HR Analytics & Management || Merve Hickok

Data Driven Chat: AI Will See You Now: AI Bias in HR Analytics & Management || Merve Hickok

In this episode of Data Driven Chat, Ganna Pogrebna interviews Merve Hickok on #ai, #ethics, #bias and #responsibility. How can we avoid #aibias in #decisionmaking with regard to #humanresources? From AI-based recruiters to data-driven psychological matching of people to roles, AI penetrates much of the #HR decision making. How do we make sure that it is used in responsible and ethical way? Click to find out. Merve Hickok is the founder of Lighthouse Career Consulting and www.aiEthicist.org , which is a global repository for published AI Principles, Frameworks & Guidelines, National Strategies, Organizations, Pledges, Legislation, Case Studies – as well as research on AI impact on Justice System, Future of Work and Public Disinformation. Merve has 15+ years of senior level HR & Sales experience in Fortune 100 companies (Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Marriott Corporation), working on Diversity & Inclusion, College Recruitment, HR Technologies and Sales projects spanning more than 20 countries. She currently works at a Nevada-based social enterprise (High Sierra Industries) focused on learning systems for individuals with intellectual disabilities. She is in charge of HIPAA Privacy & Security, as well as the overall information security for the organization. Merve is also a member of the board of directors for Northern Nevada International Center (University of Nevada-Reno), Management Committee member for Sierra Club Toiyabe (Nevada) Chapter, and volunteers for a number of organizations working on community empowerment. Merve’s AI ethics advocacy work through lectures, speaking engagements and her website on AI & ethics and bias is focused on elevating the conversation, and increasing the public knowledge of the impact of AI and automated decision making systems in our lives and working for oversight, transparency or accountability. Find out more about Merve via: LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mervehickok/ Twitter @HickokMerve Website https://www.aiethicist.org/mervehickok
Data Driven Chat: UX Design and Behavioural Data Science || Dimitris Niavis

Data Driven Chat: UX Design and Behavioural Data Science || Dimitris Niavis

In this episode of Data Driven Chat, Ganna Pogrebna interviews Dimitris Niavis (Senior UX Designer, Co-Founder of Seque) on the recent developments in #UXdesign. What is the difference between user interface and user experience? How can #behaviouralscience and behavioural #data be integrated into UX design? What are the common mistakes that are usually made by companies (and even sectors) in this domain? Is there a trade-off between #UX design and #privacy? How can we make sure that UX design is based on behavioural data which is collected in #responsible and ethical way? How to best integrate #AI into UX design? Click here to find out! Dimitris is a product and systems-design engineer by training and a human-centered, interdisciplinary designer by choice. He has worked for startups, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), and multinational enterprises, designing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms and applications. He is also a Co-Founder of Seque, a productivity tool for iOS. He takes a systems approach to UX and product design and is strong proponent of human-centered, evidence-based innovation. He holds an integrated Master’s in product and systems-design engineering from University of the Aegean. Connect with Dimistris via: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niavis/ Medium: https://medium.com/@dimitrisniavis Twitter: https://twitter.com/dimitrisniavis Seque: https://www.seque.app/ Book suggestion: https://www.amazon.com/Quantifying-User-Experience-Practical-Statistics/dp/0128023082/ref=sr_1_1?crid=ISPHH060H3JV&dchild=1&keywords=quantifying+the+user+experience&qid=1617644369&sprefix=quantifying+the+%2Caps%2C281&sr=8-1 Film suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOsLIiBStEs&ab_channel=Pixar Character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd-go0oBF4Y&t=51s&ab_channel=SceneScreen
Data Driven Chat: Making AI Work for Business and Society || Nigel Newton

Data Driven Chat: Making AI Work for Business and Society || Nigel Newton

In this episode of Data Driven Chat, Ganna Pogrebna Interviews Nigel Newton (AI Consultant and Strategist). How can business and society effectively use AI to increase economic, social outcomes as well as wellbeing? Click to find out! As an #emerging #technology specialist Nigel currently works in #AppliedAI. His strength is understanding customer needs, gathering requirements and developing solutions that recognize objectives through the application of emerging technologies. In Applied #AI, we usually take known #machinelearning methodology and processes to address real world opportunities. From #predictive #analytics to #conversationalAI with #chatbots and voice, to computer vision powering image recognition, object detection and augmented reality, Nigel's objective is to combine ability of organisations to develop solutions that create value with outcomes that in some way improve the quality of our lives. Over his 16 years in digital, Nigel has taken his passion for the latest digital technologies guiding brands and businesses through web, mobile, social, online advertising, augmented reality, virtual reality, video streaming and now AI. He brings his range of skills and AI experience to the Chair of the Advisory Board to the Screen Industries Research & Training (SIRT) Centre at Pinewood Toronto Studios and their current focus on Virtual Production workflows and Intelligent Digital Humans. He previously chaired both the AI and Emerging Technology Committee and the AR/VR Committee for the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Canada. Studying and practicing architecture and design gave Nigel a foundation in design thinking which he continues to apply in developing solutions. He developed his first digital products with indie labels in the music business. When Napster disrupted the business model and labels handed digital music over to Apple for iTunes, Nigel moved on to build Canada’s first social network for young women, a boomer web portal for Rogers and a virtual showroom for Nissan with Layar at Postmedia. Connect with Nigel via: LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nigelnewton/ Also, check out these links: Filament AI case studies https://www.filament.ai/case_studies/ Nissan Virtual Showroom https://www.adweek.com/media/layar-s-interactive-print-helps-nissan-win-best-show-media-innovation-awards/ Consider Phlebas https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8935689-consider-phlebas Drunkard’s Walk https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2272880.The_Drunkard_s_Walk Bladerunner Director’s Cut https://www.amazon.ca/Blade-Runner-Directors-Cut-Widescreen/dp/0790729628 Looper https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1276104/ Machine Learning for Business Professionals (now titled “Managing Machine Learning Projects with Google Cloud”). https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalskills/course/ml-business-professionals Tigger https://g.co/kgs/nrGzS2
Data Driven Chat: How To Build a Resilient Career in a World of AI-driven Change || Sunil Kappal

Data Driven Chat: How To Build a Resilient Career in a World of AI-driven Change || Sunil Kappal

In this episode of Data Driven Chat Ganna Pogrebna interviews Sunil Kappal on how to build a resilient career in a world of constant AI-driven and data-driven change. The discussion touches on many topics including people analytics and career in AI. Sunil shares many practical tips on how to develop skills necessary for becoming a success in data analytics and STEM-related sectors. Sunil Kappal is a data science enthusiast with over 21+ years of work experience with a major portion (15 years) of it dedicated to data analytics, statistical modeling, and predictive analytics for fortune 100 to 500 organizations. He is a founder of the Data Dojo analytics awareness website where I focus to share complex analytics routines in an easy to understand language, I am also a freelance data analytics mentor and trainer. He is highly Successful in enabling organizations in leveraging structured and unstructured data to design and implement analytical products focused to drive process improvements and generate ROI. Sunil is a Lucknow trained professional (MDP Program 2015) and a trained data analytics professional. He is hands on with Bayesian Classification, Regression, ARIMA, and Decision Trees, Statistical Analysis methods with deep understanding of domains like (Healthcare, Telecom, Utilities, Finance, HR Analytics and People Analytics). Sunil is well versed with BI platforms like Tableau, Power BI, Microstrategy and ML/statistical applications like R, Python, RapidMiner to name a few. He worked on 100+ Analytics projects with identified/delivered ROI of $500M. Sunil has also published two research papers on data normalization using median absolute deviation, fraud detection using conversational outputs and Benford’s law of first digit. Connect with Sunil via his LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/skappal/ Or check out his personal web profile: https://sites.google.com/view/sunilkappalportfolio/home
Data Driven Chat: Building Inclusive and Diverse Businesses in Data-dense Sectors || Pavel Bulowski

Data Driven Chat: Building Inclusive and Diverse Businesses in Data-dense Sectors || Pavel Bulowski

In this episode of Data Driven Chat, Ganna Pogrebna interviews Pavel Bulowski about the SheLovesData platform he created with his colleagues, about the types of issues #underrepresented groups face when they try to get #employment in #STEM-related sectors and how businesses can address these issues. Do not miss this episode! Pavel is a Chief Marketing Officer at Meiro and creator at SheLoveData. Here is how Pavel describes his career in his own words: "Instead of telling you how great and hardworking and naturally humble I am, I only want to tell you that throughout my short career, I have been extremely lucky with mentors and bosses who took a chance and gave me the opportunity to work with them. I believe that career path switches are important and ultimately add value to make a person whole and more Da Vinci-esque. I have originally started my path in hospitality (yup, If you have seen Tarantino's Four Rooms, Sam, that was me in my first job), opted in to get real work experience instead of joining mediocre quality higher education available to me at that time. In Four Seasons Hotels I discovered excellent business and customer-centric culture, went on to managing bar operations and accidentally becoming a sommelier. Eventually, I moved to corporate hospitality sales and had to put on a suit. Whenever I felt I learned all fundamentals, I moved on. To learn more, only to take that suite off eventually, for good, again. Some years later, I marveled at the internet craze, sadly not in Palo Alto garage, when joining an internet media company and getting a taste of online commerce and marketing platforms. Finally, one of the most formative experiences, I had an opportunity to join social media analytics company at an early stage and pioneer for them expansion to Asian markets truly understanding where the future is. Currently, my babies are: Meiro.io - where we build a Customer Data Platform software, to help enterprise organisations to connect behavioural data of their customers across touchpoints, consolidate them into insights and great and profitable customer experience! Shelovesdata.com - our community platform to introduce more women to data (as I am tired of working surrounded by IT dudes and monotonous worldviews). We have successfully trained thousands of women in entry level data analytics courses across all of Asia, US, South Africa and now are taking on the old world." Connect with Pavel via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pbulowski/ SheLovesData LinkedIn Group is here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shelovesdata/ Useful links: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/year-books-2019-pavel-bulowski/ (book recommendations page mentioned in the interview) https://meiro.io/ https://www.shelovesdata.com/upcoming-events/
Data Driven Chat: Understanding Consumer Behaviour through Data || Bernardo F. Nunes

Data Driven Chat: Understanding Consumer Behaviour through Data || Bernardo F. Nunes

In this episode of #DataDriven Chat, Ganna Pogrebna interviews Bernardo F. Nunes (Data Scientist @ Growth Tribe, Data Strategist, Expert in Experimentation and Machine Learning, Public Speaker) on how to turn data into valuable insights in order to better understand #consumer #behaviour. Bernardo practices the combination of #behaviouralscience, #dataanalytics, and #digital solutions to #predict #consumerbehaviour. He is helping companies and regulators to get #insights from their #data and to transform #ideas into empirically-informed #decisions. He is proficient in working with large-scale data, making use of #causalinference and #predictivemodelling for #process and #product #optimization. Bernardo works at Growth Tribe, which is a digital capabilities partner for companies and is leading the way in bridging the gap between rapidly evolving #technology and the stagnant digital #skills of these companies’ workforces. On a personal note, Bernardo is fascinated by data visualisation. One of his goals is to continuously improve the way he presents the outcomes of data analysis in a replicable and reproducible way. Currently, he is skilling himself on the different DevOps topologies that organizations can follow to explore the benefits of working according to these principles. He is a frequent speaker at various behavioural science and data science events. Connect with Bernardo via: Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/data-scientist-speaker/ Twitter: @ThisIsBernardo Read his recent blog here: https://www.teamdatascience.com/post/why-data-capabilities-follow-up-a-digital-transformation
Data Driven Chat: Corpus Linguistics & Data Science || Michaela Mahlberg

Data Driven Chat: Corpus Linguistics & Data Science || Michaela Mahlberg

In this episode of the Data Driven Chat series, Ganna Pogrebna interviews Professor Michaela Mahlberg (Professor of Corpus Linguistics and Director of the Centre for Corpus Research at the University of Birmingham). How can you start a career in corpus linguistics? What is the link between #DataScience, #NaturalLanguageProcessing and #CorpusLinguistics? How can we use #language to better understand and predict #social #development? What is the future of #conversational #AI? Check out this episode to learn answers to these questions and many more! As a corpus linguist, Michaela is interested in language as a social phenomenon and the way in which we use language to understand and shape the world we live in. A large part of her research focuses on the language of Dickens’s fiction, literary linguistics, and discourse analysis. She is currently a Principal Investigator on the AHRC funded CLiC Dickens project. Michaela Mahlberg is also part of the Birmingham Plastics Network, an interdisciplinary team of more than 40 academics working together to shape the fate and sustainable future of plastics. This unique team brings together chemists, environmental scientists, philosophers, linguists, economists, artists, writers, lawyers and experts in many other fields, to holistically address the global plastics problem. After completing a Staatsexamen in English and Mathematics at the University of Bonn (in 2000), Michaela became increasingly interested in corpus linguistics, so she went on to do a PhD on high-frequency nouns and graduated from the University of Saarbruecken in 2004. Before joining the University of Birmingham in 2015, she taught English Language and Linguistics at the University of Bari (Italy), Liverpool University College (UK), the University of Liverpool (UK) and the University of Nottingham (UK). To find out more about Michaela and her work, see: YouTube summary of Corpus Linguistics by Professor Mahlberg: https://youtu.be/kvbrp5PqNxw Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=yhTAzt4AAAAJ&hl=en ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Michaela_Mahlberg Twitter: @MichaMahlberg LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaela-mahlberg-86733aa1/?originalSubdomain=uk Centre for Corpus Research: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/corpus/index.aspx

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